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The Freddy Club

The Freddy Club is open to everyone. Here's where you can keep track of everything Freddy's been up to - and find out about the author, too! We've got news, periodic give-away promotions, messages from Freddy (he has his own blog!), and places for you to submit artwork and post your own reviews.

News Alerts
Keep track of everything that's happening with the publication of books in the Freddy and the French Fries series. Find out when and where you can meet the author, and what kind of give-away promotions are coming soon.

Student Art Gallery
Have you been busy coloring the coloring pages? Or creating your own art projects inspired by Freddy and the French Fries? We'd love to post your artwork in Freddy's Online Art Gallery. Just send the project to us and we'll scan and post it.

Review Freddy and the French Fries
Want to share a review of a Freddy book with other club members? Complete our review form and your review will be automatically posted. Share your thoughts about the book, about science and the ideas in the book, or about a particular passage you liked best.

Contact the Author, Illustrator, or Freddy
Want to contact Freddy, author David Baldacci, or David's brother Rudy (the original illustrator)? Get your pen and paper ready to write - Freddy (and the others) prefer correspondence by mail.

eMessages from Freddy: The Freddy Blog
Freddy has his own BLOG, on which he shares what's going on in his life, tells about exciting things coming up, and sends messages to his readers and fans. Visit Freddy's blog and find out what's going on in Freddy's world.

More Books to Read
So you liked Freddy and the French Fries in Fries Alive!? Then you'll love this list of additional books that Freddy recommends. And be sure to check out the science books listed in Freddy's Secret Lab!

Updated January 21, 2006