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Loads of Fun Stuff

Super Spud Showdown Super Spud Showdown: Two Action Games
Play both action games: the original Super Spud Showdown or the new Super Spud Showdown 2 and help Freddy and the French Fries defeat Adam Spanker, robots and a Gang of Goons who shoot paintballs, and a giant robot holding Silas Finklebean.
Color Ziggy! Color Wally! Coloring Pages (each link opens in a new window)
Freddy, Nancy, Curly, Si and Meese, Theodore, Wally, Ziggy, and the colossal Patty Cakes have lost their color! Print these pages, or a Freddy poster, using Adobe Reader, then add the missing colors. Refer to the book for coloring tips, or use your imagination with new colors!
Fries Alive Crossword Puzzle

Word Games and Puzzles (each link opens in a new window)
Freddy's words have gone missing, and it's up to you to complete the Fries Alive crossword puzzle and to find the words from Freddy's science lab, his conversations, and from the Fries. Use Adobe Reader to view and print these pages. Answers to the crossword are here.

Welcome to the Secret Lab You're Invited to Freddy's Secret Lab
Want to know how magnets work? How about combustion and electricity? Join Freddy and his dad, Alfred, as they offer a few thoughts about these topics and provide resources for more reading about science.
Computer Desktop Wallpaper Computer Desktop Wallpaper
Want to see Freddy's secret lab on your computer desktop every time you log on? Find out your monitor's resolution, then open the appropriate image and follow the instructions to use as your desktop wallpaper.

Updated January 21, 2006