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Where is Howie Kapowie?

Freddy and Howie Kapowie are worried that Adam Spanker and his gang are going to attack the Burger Castle with their paintball guns. They decide to spy on the Spankers at the Patty Cakes Restaurant. Yet if they’re seen by the Spankers, it could be a disaster.

As usual, Freddy has an idea. His father, Alfred, has invented something that will make sure the Spankers will never spot Freddy and Howie spying on them.

It’s the "Invisibrella." When anyone stands under the Invisibrella they seem to disappear, although it really has to do with negative light particles refraction. You know, simple stuff.

Freddy and Howie sneak into the Patty Cakes Restaurant where they hear all about the Spanker’s plot to beat the Funkhousers and crush the Burger Castle. Stewie Spanker and his mean son Adam never see Freddy and Howie standing right there because of the amazing Invisibrella.

Finished at Patty Cakes, Freddy and Howie sneak back out. When Freddy closes the Invisibrella, he instantly reappears. However, when he looks beside him, there’s no Howie. "Omigosh!" Freddy yells. "Howie’s really disappeared. Where could he have gone?"

Then Freddy notices that there are cheese cubes lying all over the place. He picks them up one by one. That’s when he sees that there are alphabet letters that have been squished into the cheese. Here are the letters that Freddy sees:

e   p   l   m   s   u   r   l   p   i   n   s   s   i   o   u   o

Unscramble these letters to come up with the two-word solution to where Howie is.

Big Clue -- Think big and hungry!

Good luck!

Want to check your answer against Freddy's? Take a look at Freddy's eMessages to see the answer Freddy unscrambled.

Updated January 21, 2006